Frequently Asked Question

  • 1) New Condo Purchase Breakdown
  • As Updated From July 201825% Minimum Down-payment
    ( Consists of Cash & CPF OA Usable)+*75% Highest Loan Applicable
    ( *Loan amount will be in consideration of Age of buyer & Income Assessment )
    ( *Maximum Loan Tenure Capped at 30 years OR Buyer’s age of 65 Years Old )+Buyer’s Stamp Duty Profile
    ( Check Our FAQ on Stamp Duty Payable )Example: Price of $1,000,000[$250,000]
    25% Minimum Down-payment
  • 2) Is there Any agent Fees?
  •   No.  There is no agency fee payable by buyers. 100% Totally Free.Other Than no Agency fee, Our Team will Render all assistance &   LIFETIME after-sales service to you.  
    All for  FREE  From Start to the Finish.( Standard Duration from purchase until move in will takes 4 months to 3 Years depending on construction stages of the Property. )
  • 3) New Condo Purchase Timeline Stages
  • Stage Timeframe Description Payment
    Stage 1 Day 1 Issue Option to Purchase (OTP)
    (Meanwhile selection of Bank Mortgage loan & Appointment of Law Firm)
    5% Booking Fee
    Stage 2 Within 2 weeks Sales & Purchase Agreement (S&P) to be sent to Law Firm, or sent to Buyer if no Law Firm is appointed
    Stage 3 Within 3 weeks from delivery of S&P Buyer to exercise the OTP and sign the S&P at Law Firm
    Stage 4 Within 2 weeks of Signing S&P Buyer to pay all Stamp Duties Buyer Stamp Duty
    Additional Buyer Stamp Duty
    Stage 5 Within 8 weeks from Day 1 Buyer to pay remaining downpayment
    (Cash / CPF / Both)
    15% Downpayment
    Stage 6 Thereafter Progressive Payments 80% Progressive Payment Breakdown
  • 4) Buyer’s Stamp Duty
  • The Buyer’s Stamp Duty, or BSD, is a levy that all house buyers must pay when they acquire a home. The amount you must pay is determined on the value of the property. The more the tax, the more costly the property. For residential properties, the fee is 1% for the first $180,000, 2% for the second $180,000, 3% for the next $640,000, and 4% for the balance. The total amount due is rounded down to the next dollar.
  • Latest Buyer’s stamp duty & Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty Policy Implemented Dec 2021
      • How Do You Determine ABSD?
        Assume a property is worth $1 million but the selling price is $1.1 million. If you are subject to 12% ABSD, the ABSD amount you must pay is $1.1 million x 12% = $132,000.
      • Who Must Pay ABSD?
        ABSD applies to the following buyers:
      • ABSD will be imposed on second (17%) and subsequent (25%) property purchases by Singaporeans.
      • ABSD will be imposed on all purchases made by Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs). The first purchase will be 5%, the second 25%, and the third and future purchases will be 30%.
      • Foreigners: 30% ABSD on all property purchases Entities (companies or associations): 35% on each property (with
      • An extra 5% non-remittable ABSD for developers): 35% on all property purchases
  • 5) New Condo Progression Payment
  • Order of PaymentProgress of Payment% of Payment1stBooking / Option Fee
    • Upon booking and obtaining Option To Purchase (OTP)
    • By Cash
    • S&P will be delivered to buyer’s lawyer or to the buyer (if no lawyer is appointed yet), within 14 days from the date of option.
    • Buyer needs to sign the S&P at law firm and return the S&P to the developer, within 3 weeks upon receipt of S&P.

    5% Buyer’s Stamp Duty

    • Within 14 days upon signing S&P, by Cash or CPF OA
      • 3% – $5400

    Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty

    • Within 14 days upon signing S&P, by Cash or CPF OA
      • SC buying 2nd residential property – 7%
      • SC buying 3rd and subsequent residential property – 10%
      • SPR buying 1st residential property – 5%
      • SPR buying 2nd and subsequent residential property – 10%
      • Foreigner or Entity buying any residential property – 15%

    Down Payment Less Booking Fee

    • Within 8 weeks from the signing of Option of Purchase
    • By Cash and/or CPF

    15%   2ndUpon completion of foundation work10%3rdUpon completion of reinforced concrete framework10%4thUpon completion of brick walls5%5thUpon completion of ceiling / roofing5%6thUpon completion of doors & windows frames (are in position), the electrical wiring (without fittings) & plumbing & internal plastering5%7thUpon completion of car park, drains and roads serving the project5%8thUpon obtaining Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)25%   9thUpon completion date2% Upon production of the Certificate of Statutory Completion8% On the expiry of 12 months from the date of notice to take vacant possession5%

  • 6) When Can I Sell? Seller Stamp Duty?
  • SSD is the tax levied when you sell residential real estate or land within the required holding period. Three years is the minimum holding period before no SSD is payable.Here are the SSD rates for property purchased on or after 11 March 2017:
    Holding Period SSD Rate
    Up to 1 year 12%
    More than 1 year and up to 2 years 8%
    More than 2 years and up to 3 years 4%
    More than 3 years No SSD payable
  • 7) When Can I Sell? Seller Stamp Duty?
  • CPF Restriction for Second Property Purchase 

    CPF Minimum Sum up to 2022 

  • 8) Common Abbreviations of Property Purchase
  •  Common Abbreviations of Property Purchase 

     OTP  – Option to Purchase
     S & P  – Sales and Purchase Agreement
     BSD  – Buyer’s Stamp Duty
     ABSD  – Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty
     SSD  – Seller’s Stamp Duty
     TOP  – Temporary Occupation Permit
     CSC  – Certificate of Completion
     LTV  – Loan to Value
     TDSR  – Total Debt Servicing Ratio
     MSR  – Mortgage Servicing Ratio
     Tenure  – Loan period of Years
     CCR  – Core Central Region of Singapore
     RCR  – Rest of Central Region Singapore
     OCR  – Outside Central Region Singapore
     AV  – Annual Value of Property
     BUC  – Building Under Construction
     MCST  – Management Corporation Strata Title
     Caveat  – A caveat is usually lodged by the purchaser to protect his/her interest soon after an option to purchase a property is exercised or a sale/purchase agreement is signed.
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